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"This toolbox of a book will truly help you find those sweet parking spots, LaBua has thought of everything from "meter-ology", and "parking sign" language, to "tow woes", cheerfully counseling you in parking savvy. The friendly format reveals a system of order that helps navigate the parking system of San Francisco peacefully and effectively.
With tongue-in-cheek-charm and a crisp writing style (that would make E.B. White smile) David has created a little gem of a book that will be indispensable to anyone who ever has to drive and park in San Francisco."
Susan Wooldridge: Author of Poem Crazy and Fool's Gold
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Before our vacation, we were a little nervous about the fabled horrible and intimidating driving and parking situation of San Francisco, but this book allowed us to navigate SF with pros. it was invaluable, and made our vacation so much easier. And it's funny to boot. A must if you are planning a visit to Frisco.   Neal Terlan, Santa Fe New Mexico
Finding the Sweet Spot is literally worth its weight in gold. Not only has it saved me hundreds of dollars in DPT parking fines, but also has saved me time, and quite possibly my marriage. Cecile de Bressant, North Beach
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San Francisco Examiner 04/24/09
"When I first heard about it, I thought there was no way that somebody could write an entire book about parking in San Francisco. But this guy has actually done it. This is a cool little book!"
Greg Sherwood, KQED Radio
"We didn't believe him so we put him to the test...and he did it!"
NBC Bay Area News
“David came by Green Apple to see if we could carry his self-published guide to all things parking in San Francisco, and in no time, he had a small crowd gathered around him as he answered questions on such arcana as: When is it necessary to curb your wheels? How far away from a parking sign can you be before that sign no longer applies to your car? What recourse is there when one's car gets towed? What is the capital of Assyria? Finding the Sweet Spot is an incredibly thorough and well-researched book.”
Kevin Ryan, Green Apple Bookstore, San Francisco